The Traditional Martinist Order is not concerned with the primary causes of things and their effects or speculation on the reasons why. Rather, its beautiful teachings and rites instruct us in how to achieve the act of living harmoniously here and now.

Martinism encompasses many elements of Western mysticism. It also draws extensively from the tradition of the Kabbalah. Martinism has been referred to as "the inward way" or "the way of the heart,” and its goal is the reintegration of humanity with the Absolute. Meetings are held once a month. Weekend intensives are also available and provide both local and out-of-town Martinist members an opportunity to attend on a quarterly basis. TMO meetings highlight guest speakers from all areas of the Region.

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Treatise on the Reintegration of Beings
in Their First Spiritually Divine Property, Virtue, and Power >>

by Martinès de Pasqually

A special issue of the Rosicrucian Digest magazine featuring Martinism >>

L’Initiation magazine (in French), published under the direction of Papus - 1888 - 1912 >>


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“Thus, from the first divine contract, and the pure region where truth abides, a continuous chain of mercies and light extends to humanity, through every epoch, and will be prolonged to the end of time, until it returns to the abode from which it descends, taking with it all the peaceful souls it shall have collected in its course; that we may know that it was Love which opened, directed and closed the circle of all things.”

–Louis Claude de Saint Martin