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Martinist Conventicles at Toronto Heptad, TMO - September 11, 2022 - Toronto, Ontario

September 11, 2022 from 9:30 AM to 5:15 PM

Location: Toronto Heptad, TMO
Street: 831 Broadview Avenue
City/Town: Toronto, Ontario, Canada M4K 2P9

Toronto Heptad, TMO

Event Description

Martinist Conventicles

All classes and events begin promptly. Please arrive at Toronto Heptad, TMO at least 30 minutes in advance to prepare to enter the Temple.

Classes are for Temple-Initiated TMO members only. Please bring current AMORC & TMO credentials and TMO Initiation Cards to all events.

For more information, please contact Master Ron Parker <> or Provincial Master Comfort Kyei-Boateng <>.

10:00 am: S.I. Conventicle: Disc #9- The Bible IV: The Apocryphal Writings

12:00 pm: Initiate Conventicle Disc: #9- Prayer I: Theoretical Aspects

2:00 pm: Associate Conventicle: Disc #9- The Universal Picture: The Supercelestial Immensity and the Central Uncreated Fire Axis

3:45 pm: C.U.P. Class: TBA

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